Could buying a property seriously harm your health?

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RENTING utilized to be a filthy word in the 60s and 70s. You either lived in a Rigsby Rising Damp-style bedsit with wood chip on the wall and a coin-operated electric meter that buzzed in the night, or you lived in a council house.


In the latter part of the 20th century, the British were convinced that rent payments were 'wasted money'. Owning typically makes less monetary sense than leasing and, as the rate of home ownership begins to drop substantially as we roll the clock forward to today, there is no stigma at all to renting ... everyone is doing it. In fact, of the 251,267 residents of Derby, 86,056 of you lease your house from the local authority, housing association or personal landlords suggesting 34.2% of city folk are tenants.

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Your guide to purchasing property at an auction

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Buying a property at an auction can offer a genuine plan on financiers and potential house owners. With the average purchaser saving as much as 30% on a property, you can prevent the long application procedure of purchasing a new house and with 11 from 12 going on, there is less of chance of the deal failing or being gazumped.


Repossessed properties are frequently placed on auction due to an individual defaulting on a secured loan. If the lender is looking for a fast sale, maybe to recover the financial obligation, it is typical for the property to go to an auction. (Source: Moneywise).


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The dangers of buying off the plan

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Property remains in the headlines once again. Well, to be reasonable, it never actually left. The topic that is most popular at the minute is off-the-plan house sales and the impact of the tsunami of stock due to meeting our capital city markets in the next 24 months. For more details about property visit this bathroom remodel northern va .


Now, if you haven t heard that buying off-the-plan can be laden with issues, you’ve probably been living under a rock. If that’s the case, welcome back to truth and let me outline the issue in easy terms for you now.


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